It is the beginning of infinity…

It is my first blog, it is just a beginning of infinity…

When I was a undergraduate of chemical engineering, I read many texts and books of pure mathematics, that really shocked me! Ideas, only ideas, shocked me!

From then, I am infatuated with true ideas that can shock me. But it is a pity that there are so few exciting ideas. When you have learned mathematical logic, set theory, group theory and topology, you will feel grieve that there will be no exciting ideas. Although I have navigated nearly every branch of mathematics that I could found in my poor library of university, I found those true ideas are very rare, such as formalism or symbolic from logic, symmetry from group, continuity from topology, and so on. Indeed, the biggest idea is axiomatization from Elements of Euclid!

In fact,uncountable set is the astonishing idea I prefer mostly even than symmetry, it give me true infinity that before I knew it, I only could image countable set. Thanks to Cantor, you give me infinite spaces of imagination.

Today is a great day that it is the 15th anniversary of the web’s code was put into the public . And that is only the beginning of infinity…


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