Internet and free academic

In some extent, academia is a closed system. And it is very successful to improve academic for a very long time, but times is changing because of  PC and Internet.    Today we have open access e-prints––ArXiv for nearly 17 years old and many documents of science of various  Webs, but we still can not research only by internet. In this planet, the number of those who are talent and willing strongly to do serious academic but can not enter academia for various  reasons is very  big. Advancing of Science is continuous, researchers need to command all relative literatures of the topics of research. So ArXiv or other internet resources can not help free researchers on outside of academia to do true academic. For example, searching papers of Dirac on internet, you  can get very few papers of free access, and it can not help you to understand RQM using so few papers. It is a true pity for copyright!!
I deeply appreciate  Richard Stallman  for his persisting of Open Source in order of freedom and expanding of knowledge. Such as

I don’t have a problem with someone using their talents to become successful, I just don’t think the highest calling is success. Things like freedom and the expansion of knowledge are beyond success, beyond the personal. Personal success is not wrong, but it is limited in importance, and once you have enough of it it is a shame to keep striving for that, instead of for truth, beauty, or justice.


The idea of copyright did not exist in ancient times, when authors frequently copied other authors at length in works of non-fiction. This practice was useful, and is the only way many authors’ works have survived even in part. The copyright system was created expressly for the purpose of encouraging authorship. In the domain for which it was invented–books, which could be copied economically only on a printing press–it did little harm, and did not obstruct most of the individuals who read the books.


So I believe Stallman is a true hero of our times, he should get Nobel prize of Peace. In the inspiring of his spirit of open source of software, I think all should be open source especially for documents of science and  hope that it do not take very long to reach this  target. Let talent persons do true interesting and valuable things to improve the blessing of Human beings.

It is freedom, and it is knowledge.


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