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QM needs interpretation

June 5, 2008

QM is very interesting to learn and very difficult to understand . A.Peres insisted to state that QM needs no interpretation, but interpretation can not never be forbidden. Of course science is different from philosophy, and physics is based on experiments. But serious thinking of philosophy can improve science. If Einstein do not argue with Bohr, he would have not write EPR and quantum information may not birth. So interpretation have good.

But why so many interpretations of QM seem not to improve science? Because there are not Einstein and J.S.Bell! Firstly, we need thought experiment like EPR, secondly, we need realistic experiment like Bell’s state. But today nearly all interpretations other than EPR-Bohm-Bell have not thought experiments. So there exists not a Bell to construct theorem relative to realistic experiment. Though Einstein is not a experimentalist like Newton, he is a great “thought experimentalist”! We expect a interpretation with good thought experiment and theorem relative to real experiment. Bless physics!