I have a dream — All scientific literatures will be online for open access

It’s my dream for long time that All scientific literatures will be online for open access. No doubt arxiv is a great invention on the planet, but original literatures are vital to serous researchers and curious public. This is why Wikipedia is not enough to research. Many people are eager to understand serous science knowledge and can not access original literatures, so they will waste a lot of time in searching articles and eliminate misunderstanding. The secret of learning science or only trying to understanding is reading original literatures,not popular articles. My experience is that original literatures are easer to understand than popular articles. For example, Einstein’s papers in 1905 and 1916 are very exciting and concise for understanding Relativity, however tons of explaining of Relativity nearly do not help to reason and destroy your interest to understand. Of course good popular articles may be amazing in the presence of easy access to original literatures.

Why not to open access to original literatures? Labor, Money, Copyright? Labor, a lot of people will input texts of literatures online voluntarily. Money, it needs the least cost comparing other great engineerings. Copyright, yes, just it! Science is the greatest achievement of Mankind, it is unmoral to strictly preserve Copyright to free researchers, general public. Need a revolution? Of course, this will be the greatest revolution in the history of Mankind, if the dream can be realization.


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