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America and China

May 20, 2009

America and China is two extremes in the world. One is bored free, the other is bored bound. Without Chinese liberty — human right, demography, freedom, there is not world’s peace.
Few people can understand real China and few people can appeal to Human right in China. I am often confused with modern world. We have so many technologies, so many intellectuals, but we have too few appeals. This is a irony to modern civilization. I hope more people can do some things for global human right — Chinese human right is the most difficult problem.


How dreadful living in China!

May 20, 2009

How dreadful living in China! The most useful webs are blocked or cannot behave their full functions. As a example, Google, a great internet web, haven’t its full functions in China. Such as Google images, cash function, a lot of key words, etc, are blocked. A good news is that Wikipedia can be used now after its long blocking. But, Gutenberg became a dead web in China since 2006. More, Youtube and wordpress also are dead after many times blocking. How dreadful living in China!