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America and China

May 20, 2009

America and China is two extremes in the world. One is bored free, the other is bored bound. Without Chinese liberty — human right, demography, freedom, there is not world’s peace.
Few people can understand real China and few people can appeal to Human right in China. I am often confused with modern world. We have so many technologies, so many intellectuals, but we have too few appeals. This is a irony to modern civilization. I hope more people can do some things for global human right — Chinese human right is the most difficult problem.


How dreadful living in China!

May 20, 2009

How dreadful living in China! The most useful webs are blocked or cannot behave their full functions. As a example, Google, a great internet web, haven’t its full functions in China. Such as Google images, cash function, a lot of key words, etc, are blocked. A good news is that Wikipedia can be used now after its long blocking. But, Gutenberg became a dead web in China since 2006. More, Youtube and wordpress also are dead after many times blocking. How dreadful living in China!

Writing for new year

December 31, 2008

If we can sleep for a country and awake to see the advancements of science, we will understand now better.

No daunt science and technology is the biggest power to change the world. However, establishment we have achieved are still very little. We have not fresh air, clean water, safe food, quiet dwelling and we have not resolve these big puzzles, such as aging, dying and small puzzles, such as myopia, cancer(people would say that is also a big puzzle). More seriously, our civilization of liberty is so weak, and countries of democracy are always incapacitate to preserve dignity to countries of totalitarianism, such as China — the biggest and the most powerful country of totalitarianism, North Korea, Iran, etc. Global liberty, free science(open accessed papers), and technique to advance life essentially are our objects next year or more or ever.

I have a dream — All scientific literatures will be online for open access

September 14, 2008

It’s my dream for long time that All scientific literatures will be online for open access. No doubt arxiv is a great invention on the planet, but original literatures are vital to serous researchers and curious public. This is why Wikipedia is not enough to research. Many people are eager to understand serous science knowledge and can not access original literatures, so they will waste a lot of time in searching articles and eliminate misunderstanding. The secret of learning science or only trying to understanding is reading original literatures,not popular articles. My experience is that original literatures are easer to understand than popular articles. For example, Einstein’s papers in 1905 and 1916 are very exciting and concise for understanding Relativity, however tons of explaining of Relativity nearly do not help to reason and destroy your interest to understand. Of course good popular articles may be amazing in the presence of easy access to original literatures.

Why not to open access to original literatures? Labor, Money, Copyright? Labor, a lot of people will input texts of literatures online voluntarily. Money, it needs the least cost comparing other great engineerings. Copyright, yes, just it! Science is the greatest achievement of Mankind, it is unmoral to strictly preserve Copyright to free researchers, general public. Need a revolution? Of course, this will be the greatest revolution in the history of Mankind, if the dream can be realization.

QM needs interpretation

June 5, 2008

QM is very interesting to learn and very difficult to understand . A.Peres insisted to state that QM needs no interpretation, but interpretation can not never be forbidden. Of course science is different from philosophy, and physics is based on experiments. But serious thinking of philosophy can improve science. If Einstein do not argue with Bohr, he would have not write EPR and quantum information may not birth. So interpretation have good.

But why so many interpretations of QM seem not to improve science? Because there are not Einstein and J.S.Bell! Firstly, we need thought experiment like EPR, secondly, we need realistic experiment like Bell’s state. But today nearly all interpretations other than EPR-Bohm-Bell have not thought experiments. So there exists not a Bell to construct theorem relative to realistic experiment. Though Einstein is not a experimentalist like Newton, he is a great “thought experimentalist”! We expect a interpretation with good thought experiment and theorem relative to real experiment. Bless physics!

QFT and the foundaton of QM

May 2, 2008

The most successful theory in the physics may be QFT, it is the application of QM. Most physicists(mainstream) believe that QM has been established in about 1927, but Einstein felt not so satisfactory with it and challenged Bohr times again, the celebrating fruit was EPR paper in 1935. After that, Bohm published his two “hidden variable” papers in 1952, and J.S.Bell published his “Bell inequalities” in 1964 ,which is a great paper. Since 90s QI or QC’s increase show Bell’s deep insight, there is someone who asserts Bell is the greatest man in the 20th century. For example ,see here:

Quantum theory is the most successful scientific theory of all time. Many of the great names of physics are associated with quantum theory. Heisenberg and Schrödinger established the mathematical form of the theory, while Einstein and Bohr analysed many of its important features. However, it was John Bell who investigated quantum theory in the greatest depth and established what the theory can tell us about the fundamental nature of the physical world.

This is a big advance in foundation of QM, but it seams not product some fruits in QFT. Most physicist think QFT has established in 70’s, although there so many physicists to seek TOE, QG, SUSY, and few think the relation of QFT and the foundation of QM.

It is safe to say that no one understands quantum mechanics. R.P.Feynman the character of physical law (1967,p129)

Honest Feynman! But Feynman seamed be happy at QED, because its precision to data of experiments, he is attributed to the phrase “shut-up-and-calculation”. He is no unsatisfactoriness with QM like Einstein,even Bohr,in spite of ugly renormalization. Today,those masters like Steven Weinberg,Edward Witten ,etas, do not talk more about the foundation of QM, and maybe there are no any problems in the foundation of QM,as Fuchs and Peres said,”we would be the last to claim that the foundations of quantum theory are not worth further scrutiny.”(Fuchs2000a) which is about “Interpretation of QM”, but “Entanglement” is so important in QM and do not appear in standard text of QM, and do it product big effects in QFT ?

It is the beginning of infinity…

April 30, 2008

It is my first blog, it is just a beginning of infinity…

When I was a undergraduate of chemical engineering, I read many texts and books of pure mathematics, that really shocked me! Ideas, only ideas, shocked me!

From then, I am infatuated with true ideas that can shock me. But it is a pity that there are so few exciting ideas. When you have learned mathematical logic, set theory, group theory and topology, you will feel grieve that there will be no exciting ideas. Although I have navigated nearly every branch of mathematics that I could found in my poor library of university, I found those true ideas are very rare, such as formalism or symbolic from logic, symmetry from group, continuity from topology, and so on. Indeed, the biggest idea is axiomatization from Elements of Euclid!

In fact,uncountable set is the astonishing idea I prefer mostly even than symmetry, it give me true infinity that before I knew it, I only could image countable set. Thanks to Cantor, you give me infinite spaces of imagination.

Today is a great day that it is the 15th anniversary of the web’s code was put into the public . And that is only the beginning of infinity…